Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Local organisations back Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

The Newcastle Cycling Campaign is one of 10 community groups in Newcastle and North Tyneside who, along with around 120 other organisations from across the UK, have signed a national statement calling on leaders of councils to take action to roll out more low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs). The statement says: “Now more than ever we need safe and spacious routes for walking and cycling to stop the air and noise pollution, and danger that traffic inflicts on our neighbourhoods… That’s why we welcome the leadership of councils who are working tirelessly to make sure changes to streetspace aren’t lost as[…]

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‘Near misses: The fundamental issue is not drivers, but road design’ says NewCycling

Evening Chronicle (19 August 2017) – The Co-chair of NewCycling, Katja Leyendecker explains that near misses and ‘close shaves’ experienced by cyclists on a daily basis are not all down to drivers’ bad behaviour, it’s the road design and the built environment that is to blame.

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Correction of Liberal Democrat Focus leaflet smear

As active stakeholders and participants in the Cycle City Ambition Fund (CCAF) bid we wish to correct the North Jesmond’s Liberal Democrats statement on Acorn Road plans. Their political outlet, the Focus newsletter, broke the cross-party support and trust that council plans should have enjoyed. It was also factually incorrect and scaremongering. The essential points of the CCAF are that its designs and plans benefit pedestrians and cyclists and act as a catalyst for future human scale developments and improvements for everyone in the area by creating better street environments. Cities in the UK and Europe which have introduced such[…]

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