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Hello and Welcome

Every modern liveable city has embraced cycling – an inexpensive quick means of transport, inclusive, it is green and healthy. And our aspirations for Newcastle are just that. We are looking to learn from cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam. We know from speaking to local people, that many don’t cycle because of the aggressive traffic and road environments. Yet, most quite like the idea of getting around by bike. Together with our partnering organisations and members we are asking for a better transport deal for Newcastle – better cycling conditions and more dedicated space for cycling.

Our patron is Christian Wolmar


Our journey so far

The Newcastle Cycling Campaign was set up as a not-for-profit organisation – a community group – in October 2010. Many of us have campaigned, lobbied and longed for better cycleways in and around Newcastle for years, even decades. Combining and coordinating our efforts will unite, support and grow our voice for a fairer city with a better transport system. This is why we have formed the Newcastle Cycling Campaign. We want to provide one independent voice for local people and cycling-supportive organisations, for people who already cycle – and want more space for cycling and cycleways on main roads – and people who would like to do so in future.

We are steadily growing and have now 1,600 members. And you are still signing up!

Meet the Committee

And – being a community group entirely made up of volunteers – we are always looking for enthusiastic people who have some spare time, a hobby or professional skill they would like to bring to the campaign – engineering, marketing, design, teaching – you name it!

Our Constitution

Our annual reports

Annual report 2017:18 [pdf]

Annual Report 2016/17 [pdf]
Annual Report 2015/16 [pdf]
Annual Report 2014/15 [pdf]
Annual Report 2013/14 [pdf]
Annual Report 2012/13 [pdf]
Annual Report 2011/12 [pdf]
Annual Report 2010/11 [pdf]

Contact us

Using the website contact form

E:mail contact@newcycling.org
Twitter @newcycling
Call or txt us 07828 60 4349
Flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/newcycling/
Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/newcastle.cycling.campaign/

Annual Campaign Plan

Each year we agree the Campaign’s priorities for the coming 12 months. Commmittee writes a draft plan – at the AGM the contents and rationale of a draft plan are outlined, discussed and agreed with members. The annual plan allows us to organise our volunteer resources by agreeing, prioritising and tackling the important bits that need doing – keeping us transparent and our message clear.

Watch the Campaign’s story


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