Contact your Councillors

You can contact your ward Councillors on cycling matters. It’s the local politicians, the Councillors, who collectively make policies and give direction to the council officers for execution. We know from our campaigning, that it is the political resolve and transport-policy awareness which we must develop and nurture in our Councillors. It’s so important that we had made political engagement our first priority since 2012/13 and continued to do so in 2014/15 combined with enabling members to take action and get involved through, for example, the very successful Space for Cycling initiative and its focus on improving cycling infrastructure.

  • Remember Councillors can be very busy people with many issues on their mind, sometimes doing their civic duty whilst being employed, full-time.
  • Be courteous, naturally.
  • Focus on describing your personal situation with regards to cycling and the problems you experience with the cycling infrastructure (or absence thereof).
  • Perhaps think about building longer term rapport, although, our experience tells us, this can be very hard work indeed.
  • If you are a member of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign, don’t hesitate to mention that.
  • And always let us know how it went!

Where to start? You can find your Councillors using or use

For Newcastle you may also use this aerial map to locate the ward(s) you travel through and locate Newcastle Councillors through the Newcastle City Council website. You can attend ward committee meetings in Newcastle chaired by the local Councillors or simply email, post a letter or phone.

You may like to


your Councillors through specific issues you have – let us know too! It helps us to join the dots.


your Councillors how they get around, if they use a bike, if not ask them why, and whether it is the traffic conditions that keeps them from using the bike for short journeys


your Councillors about the things the cycling community is doing and the hot topics in urban mobility; get in touch with us, or simply come along to a members meeting for inspiration (we try to organise these, but sometimes struggle for resources)


your Councillors to join you on a Cycle Infrastructure Safari – a bike ride through the ward or along routes you regularly cycle, local shops, your commute to work, or school. Contact us if you want some help with that

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