What WE do

Our asks

We lobby for protected space for cycling on main roads coupled with low traffic neighbourhoods. Previously we have engaged with the Council on Strategic Cycle Routes (SCR) and Streets for People.


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Meetings and events

We are trying to get members together for meetings as often as we can. You could also join us on one of our infrastructure safaris. We usually hold our AGM in March or April and you are warmly invited to attend. 

Look out for updates on all of these on our events page

Political parties

From time to time we survey opinions of political parties in Newcastle to find out what they think about cycling. Read out latest (2016) assessment here

Engaging decision makers

Some examples of how we have engaged with decision makers:

Transport policies

We keep an eye on the city’s policies for transport and (spatial) planninng, and list them here

Data and analysis

We have a watchful eye on cycle data. For example, we want to see a good monitoring regime (locations and cycling levels) in Newcastle and to illustrate data coverage and gaps. We have created these maps:

Bikes on the Metro

We lobbied successfully for bikes to be allowed on the Metro and supported the operational trial in 2016. We’re looking forward to the arrival of the new fleet!

Working with the media

We regularly engage with the press, sometimes writing joint press statements with other local campaign groups.

Responding to consultations

We keep a watchful eye on Newcastle City Council’s traffic orders. See the Consultation Replies

And – being a community group entirely made up of volunteers – we are always looking for enthusiastic people who have some spare time, a hobby or professional skill they would like to bring to the campaign – engineering, marketing, design, teaching – you name it!