Queen Victoria Road – July Update #SpaceForDistancing

In June we gave our opinions on the temporary scheme that the council put in place on Queen Victoria Road. Click here for that article.

The council have continued to review the scheme and have now improved it.

The changes have led to the cycleway now being one lane in each direction with the flow of traffic, and the installation of poles to separate the cycle lanes from motor traffic. Both these changes are great improvements.

The move to with flow cycle lanes was one of our suggestions when we looked at the initial measures in June. This change makes passing side roads – including car park entrances – much safer, as people entering the main road will not need to look for cyclists crossing their path in two directions.

The installation of poles offers a greater feeling of security, They take up less space than traffic cones and do not move like cones do (either by the wind or by people).

The changes have resulted in a few sections being narrower than ideal, but these are for short stretches. As this is a scheme being implemented quickly, using temporary material and that it is being reviewed and improved, this is a reasonable approach to ensure that with flow cycle lanes could be provided.

We look forward to seeing this scheme continue to develop and will provide further updates as changes are made. We hope this scheme continues to be a success and be upgraded to more permanent materials at some point in the future.