Newcastle Cycling Campaign

City Centre Improvements – Our Response

Newcastle City Council have been running a consultation on numerous changes to the city centre, including the removal of buses and other through traffic from Blackett Street. Details of plans can be viewed online at the consultation closes soon on Friday 15th October. If you want to provide your views please do so. We have written to the council praising their ambition, while also raising concerns and questions that exist at this stage of the schemes development. Here is our response: Regarding GH/P44/1237 Blackett Street Area and Associated Consultation Documents We congratulate the Council on pushing ahead with further[…]

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Queen Victoria Road – Permanent Scheme Engagement Response

The Council have recently engaged on making permanent changes to Queen Victoria Road following the existing temporary changes made due to Covid-19 (previous articles here and here). Details on the planned changes can be found here (last accessed 11th April 2021). During the engagement period the council provided us with the opportunity to discuss our thoughts on the scheme and below are some of the key points that we have raised: Summary Overall the planned scheme and its intentions are a positive change for the area, one which we strongly support. The removal of car parking spaces along Queen Victoria[…]

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Junctions in the West of the City – NewCycling Response

This is the response for NewCycling on the multiple schemes presented through Commonplace as the “Junction improvements in the west of the city” at The proposals for the junctions in the West of the city leave us deeply concerned about the direction the council is heading with its highways. At a time when a climate emergency has be declared by the council and when the council is still failing to meet the legal levels for air quality in the city, is absolutely the wrong decision to plan to increasing motor traffic volumes anywhere in Newcastle. The council is condemning[…]

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