Heaton Streets for People update – Tintern Crescent

In 2017 a new cycleway was built on Heaton Road, between the junctions of Cardigan Tce and Meldon Tce, as part of Cycle City Ambition Fund Round 1 (CCAF1). A roundabout at the Heaton Rd/Heaton Park View junction was replaced by traffic lights to provide a safe crossing for pedetrians and cyclists. One of the side effects was that some drivers heading southbound down Heaton Rd were opting to cut down Tintern Crescent and onto Heaton Park View instead of wating at the traffic lights. Drivers were also ignoring the ‘No Motor Vehicles’ sign at the junction and were driving from Heaton Park View northbound up Tintern Crescent, also to avoid the signal-controlled junction.

Residents raised concerns about this and the Council committed to review this as part of Cycle City Ambition Fund Round 2 (CCAF2). £1 millon was allocated to Heaton (and £1 million each to both Jesmond and Fenham/Arthur’s Hill) as part of the CCAF2 Streets for People programme. Councillors, residents and the Streets for People reference group asked for a revised design that improved the walking connection on the north side of Heaton Park View and filtered out the motor traffic, but left the end of the road open for two-way cycle traffic. To allow delivery vehicles and service vehicles to turn, the designers introduced a turning area, or hammerhead at the filtered end of the street. The pavement was also pushed out to bring it in line with the parking, which benefits people cycling along Heaton Park Road and helps prevent pavement parking.

The scheme was completed in November 2020 at a cost of £65,000.

Council design drawing
View from Heaton Park View
View from Tintern Crescent
Heaton Park View with build out projecting to parking line