Call for new commissioner to tackle ‘woefully underfunded’ walking and cycling in Newcastle

Evening Chronicle – 30 July 2019 Campaigners are calling for a ‘Walking and Cycling Commissioner’ in the North East. A new figurehead could be appointed to spearhead efforts to improve “woefully underfunded” walking, cycling, and public transport infrastructure in the North of Tyne.

Campaigners are calling on metro mayor Jamie Driscoll to appoint a new ‘Walking and Cycling Commissioner’ to help tackle the region’s air pollution and climate crisis.

Sally Watson, chair of Newcastle Cycling Campaign, said “Walking, cycling and public transport are woefully underfunded, despite being the cleanest and greenest options. In the light of a climate emergency, now declared by all three North of Tyne local authorities, we need to make them the easiest and most accessible ways to travel for the benefit of everyone. While there is no budget for walking and cycling attached to the mayoral post, there is scope for him to influence and inform policy and investment.”

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