SCR_wards7aIt’s exciting, Newcastle is signed up to develop Strategic Cycle Routes.

Wondering what you as Councillor can do for cycling and cyclists? Some call the cycling community “complex”. We think it’s simple! Get in touch to find out. Here’s also a few ideas to test and use. Please get in touch to discuss your projects, ideas or simply to find out what we think.


  • Support Space for Cycling https://newcycling.org/s4c
  • Contact us on your ward transport matters
  • Sign-up and receive our newsletter
  • Contribute to our newsletter
  • Talk at ward meetings about cycle strategy, cycle manifesto, cycle network development
  • Support the seven Strategic Cycle Routes for Newcastle
  • Join the Strategic Cycle Routes infrastructure safaris this summer
  • Blog about cycling, use social media, twitter and facebook
  • Describe to us why you cycle
  • Attend the council’s cycle forum
  • Attend one of our members meetings
  • Organise or participate at a ward infrastructure safari

New to cycling?

  • Describe to us why you don’t cycle
  • Recently started cycling? Let the campaign know how it went and whether you think more space for cycling is needed
  • Get a recycled bicycle from Recyke y’Bike or get advice at your LBS (local bike shop)
  • Please note Scratchbikes, Newcastle’s bike hire scheme, have sadly packed up

Remember, we are here to help. Please contact the campaign with your questions. Contact us

Plenty of information out there

We would like to share some awesome data sources. This could be useful to Councillors who want to get under the skin of their ward and city, or for the general public to check out the lie of the land for transport, health and general demographics.

Mapped Census 2011 data – general

Datashine.org – Census 2011 Newcastle – general data

  • Population basics
  • Origins and beliefs
  • Health
  • Housing (incl car or van availability)
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Travel to work
  • Residency
  • OAC Variables

Mapped Census 2011 data – travel to work

Datashine.org – Census 2011 Newcastle – travel to work with start/end

Newcastle is a trip attractor: the map shows why we should be building cycle routes into the city centre, such as the Strategic Cycle Routes (SCRs). Check out the SCR in your ward.

Mapped Census 2011 data – vehicle ownership

Google fusion table by Tom Forth – household vehicle

Ward profiles


  • Part 1: People who are part of this community
  • Part 2: Factors that shape the lives of people in this community
    • Factors: Natural environment
    • Factors: Built environment
    • Factors: Activities
    • Factors: Local economy
    • Factors: Community
    • Factors: Lifestyle
  • Part 3: Across the life course
  • Part 4: Illness and disease in Newcastle
Tyne & Wear TADU also holds traffic data


Dft traffic data on main roads


The data held on the ONS neighbourhood site can also be useful


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