Reports, policy and guidance

Newcastle City transport policies

  • LOCAL PLAN Planning for the Future. Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan for Gateshead and Newcastle 2010-2030 – External link to document [html] and excerpts here
  • CCAF Newcastle’s ten year programme [html]
  • STRATEGY Newcastle’s ten year cycle plan 2022 [pdf]
  • NewcastleGateshead 1Plan [pdf], read excerpts here including
    • Newcastle City Council Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan: Part 1- Operations and Services 2008
    • City Centre Area Action Plan 2006
    • The Newcastle Climate Change Declaration 2010
  • LTP3 Tyne & Wear Local Transport Plan [html, external], read excerpts
  • Newcastle Cycling Manifesto [html], adopted by Newcastle City Council on 7 September 2011

Newcastle reports

  • Go Dutch ThinkBike workshop report 2013 [html]
  • Northumberland Street by J L Gibbons 2012 [pdf], read our summary
  • Petition for Safe Cycling in Newcastle 2010 [html]
  • John Dobson Street (Civic Boulevard) by Farrell 2010 [pdf]
  • Percy Street and Barras Bridge by Space Syntax 2008 [pdf]
  • Cityscape – Street for People by Winskell 1997 [pdf]
  • Gosforth High Street Improvements, NCC, 2013 [html]
  • Gosforth High Street Consultation Report, May 2014 [html]
  • Gosforth High Street Report, NCC, September 2014 [html]

Government policy and guidance

  • Department for Transport: Gear Change: A bold vision for cycling and walking, 2020 [html, external]
  • Department for Transport Guidance: Cycle Infrastructure Design (LTN 1/20), 27th July 2020 [html, external]

Making the case for walking, cycling and car-restraint

  • OECD / Internatioanl Transport Forum: cycling, health and safety [html, external]
  • PRESTO: learning from others (European projects) [html, external]
  • Sustrans: shoppers and how they travel LN02 [pdf]
  • Sustrans: retail vitality FF39 [pdf]
  • Cycling and the justice system (Jake Voelcker) [html, external]
  • CTC briefing sheet – Cycling and the economy [pdf]
  • Collection of Cycle Concepts [html, external]
  • UK Design CID LTN 2/08 [pdf]
  • US Design NACTO [html, external]
  • UK Compendium of international practice – Cycling in the City [html, external]
  • European Commission – Reclaiming city streets for people [pdf]
  • European Commission – Cycling: the way ahead for towns and cities [pdf]
  • Disappearing Traffic [html, external]

Online reports

  • Get Britain Cycling : Phil Goodwin’s full report [pdf]
  • Get Britain Cycling : Summary & Recommendations [pdf]
  • Understanding walking and cycling (Final report, summary findings) [pdf]
  • The war on motorists: Myth or reality? [pdf]
  • Transport and the Economy by T&E [html, external]
  • Fairness in a car-dependent society by SDC [pdf]
  • Europe’s Parking U-turn by ITDP [html, external]
  • Living Streets on pavement parking [pdf]