Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Council Scheme criticised in Road Safety Report

Road safety consultants WSP have reported on North Tyneside Councils scheme at Marden Road which has attracted widespread criticism from residents and cycling groups. The report is limited in scope and by its own admission “No attempt has been made to comment on the justification of the scheme or the appropriateness of the design”. Visiting on an off peak Tuesday lunchtime, the engineer reports “the narrowing of the carriageway to introduce the parking area has resulted in the traffic being squeezed together. HGV/Buses were observed to encroach into the opposing lane. In addition, it has also resulted in drivers/passengers having[…]

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North Tyneside breaks cycle pledge – press release

25.04.2012 PRESS RELEASE – NORTH TYNESIDE BREAKS CYCLE PLEDGE At a time of heightened awareness and concerns for cyclists’ safety a local authority chooses to abandon best principles and puts cyclists in harms way. Nationally The Times’ call for ‘Cities Fit For Cycling’ has done a lot to pull cycling into the public arena. Broadcaster Jon Snow and The Times editor James Harding made a plea to the government’s Transport Committee this week to make cycling safe by showing governmental leadership, changes in the law, designating a budget and construction of cycleways. North Tyneside Borough Council signed up in March[…]

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Council snubs its own safe cycling pledge – press release

02.04.2012 PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Local government fails cycling again – Portas Report blamed for putting parking before people – Campaign appeals for help from Minister Like many local authorities North Tyneside was quick to pledge its support for The Times Cities Fit For Cycling Campaign. But local bicyclists say the pledge was mere lip service as construction at a key location on the A193 was underway making it dangerously unfit for cycling. Since 2004 the Traffic Management Act has put a legal duty on local highway authorities to prioritise through traffic, including pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Despite[…]

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