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How to create a cycling network? It starts with data collection. Installing contraflows in one-way streets is simple and cheap as it does not require engineering works. It improves cycle permeability tremendously. The map below shows that it is Newcastle city centre that could benefit enormously from installing “except cycles” signs.

Contraflow design controversy

You reported – we acted. Cycle contraflows, if designed inclusively and well, can be a powerful tool in a city’s cycle network. We previously reported about contraflows here. Our streets are changing throughout the city – you may have seen…
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We’ve written to Cllr Nigel Todd

Heartened by last year’s engagement and action on Brighton Grove, we’ve written to Newcastle’s local politician responsible for cycling, Cllr Nigel Todd, and ask for action. We’ve outlined the following four achievable targets for completion by 31 March 2012: 1….
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