Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Newcastle Cllr Travel Survey 2012

In October, we carried out our second Councillor Travel Survey. The leader and leader of the opposition replied and we are saying a massive thanks to both of them for their contributions. We wish their flock would have done the same but the overall replies are too few to analyse them in a meaningful way. We would have liked to report back to you like we did in 2010. This year only 21 out of the 78 City Councillors bothered to fill in the 1 minute survey. Compare that to 2010, when 39 Councillors responded. Ever economical and efficient we[…]

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Newcastle Cllr Travel Survey 2011

This year, again, we asked Newcastle councillors a few questions – via an easy-peasy short online survey. We used the Cycle Manifesto as the coat hanger and started by asking whether there were any questions on your part about the manifesto, its purpose, use and implementation and gave our councillors suggestions how to help cycling Support our bid proposal “Wheels in Motion” Participate at City Chief Cycle Challenge 2011 Blog about cycling, twitter, facebook Start cycling and let the campaign know how it went Describe to us why you don’t cycle Attend the council’s cycle forum Attend a Newcastle Cycling[…]

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Newcastle Cllr Travel Survey 2010

Newcastle Cllr Travel Survey 2010 (Results) [pdf] In October 2010 the Newcastle Cycling Campaign asked Newcastle’s councillors to give a minute of their time to participate in a short and exclusive travel choice survey. The survey was unannounced. Aim of the survey was to identify – how our elected representatives travelled to a council meeting on 6 October 2010 – what thought process was undergone choosing to travel that way – to raise awareness of cycling as a mode of transport – introduce the Newcastle Cycling Campaign – provide results to councillors for discussion Quick stats Out of the 78[…]

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