Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Northumbria and Durham Police fine just one cyclist in the past year

Evening Chronicle (4/2/2016) – Here’s the full comment that Katja emailed to the journalist Tom Ough Hi Tom, ta for getting in touch. Here is our campaign position on pavement cycling It’s complicated. Involved players in this maddening debate are police and council. In the absence of clear sensible cycle infrastrcuture even the national gov departments are confused, see link above (position statement). And maybe the message has got through locally that the council cannot just say “we want more people to cycle”, and then when people do they find no-where safe to cycle comfortably and use the[…]

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News clipping – Cycle campaigner hopeful after giving evidence to MPs

A CYCLING campaigner says she hopes her testimony will have encouraged MPs to promote more two-wheeled transport. Katja Leyendecker, chair of Newcastle Cycling Campaign, gave evidence to the Transport Select Committee on how more consideration should be given to pedal power when planning towns and cities – and not just make biking safer. “I think the question might be a completely different one and not so much about safety at all ” she said. “I think it is about the future of our cities and how we want to run our cities.” “We were talking – beforehands – about education[…]

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