Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Cycling with children

In a recent publication Dr Rachel Aldred, smart travel researcher and trustee of the London Cycling Campaign, takes a look at creating inclusive cycling conditions. She informs us that “increasing child cycling has proved particularly challenging. While some metropolitan areas in the UK have seen an uptake in adult commuting… rates of children cycling to school have barely shifted”. Catherine Weare, a campaign member in Gosforth, discusses the findings and sets the context for Newcastle. You can read Rachel’s full paper “Adults’ attitudes towards child cycling: a study of the impact of infrastructure” here [pdf]. For many if not all[…]

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Charter of Vancouver – children’s right to cycle

We’ve signed the Charter of Vancouver because we think children have the right to cycle. It reads: As the UN stresses in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (*): • Childhood is entitled to special care and assistance • Education should be directed toward the development of the child’s personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential and respect for the natural environment • Governments recognize the right of every child to a standard of living adequate for the child’s physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development • Governments shall respect and promote the right[…]

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