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How to create a cycling network? It starts with data collection. Whilst Newcastle’s inner city centre has been converted to 20mph, big parts of Newcastle’s core remain at high speeds. Speed reduction is important to creating walking and cycling friendly environments. But it’s also important the speed reduction is not just done by ‘sticking up some signs’ – but rather has to involve good designs too. It is the road environment – its design – that shapes people’s behaviour.

Grey Street deserves better

Exactly a year ago we questioned the safety of Grey Street. It could be a wonderful place for people. It’s got all the potential. The debate however has not moved on. Read about what happened on 13 June 2012 here

Twenty – what’s in it for us?

Yesterday Newcastle City Council said it had analysed data that showed their 20mph speed limits reduce collisions and incidents: – Chronicle http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/communities/fenham/2012/09/14/newcastle-s-20mph-speed-limits-reduce-accidents-72703-31833408/ – Newcastle City Council press release http://www.newcastle.gov.uk/news-story/drop-accidents-city-streets Without having seen the figures it’s hard to comment in detail….
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Grey Street is dangerous

We really do agree with this question about Grey Street. Written Question to Councillor Murison, (WRITTEN 1) Cabinet Member for Quality of Life from Councillor Henry Gallagher Page 48 of the 1Plan states: “Too many streets and spaces are dominated…
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