Our priorities 2017/18

As in previous years we will concentrate on the political and institutional barriers to building cycling into Newcastle. Leading on from last year, we will continue to campaign for a network to be mapped out in council policy.

The draft campaign plan was presented and discussed at our AGM, before it was approved:

Mapping the future

Like the year before, we will focus on Strategic Cycle Routes and creating a good quality cycle network for Newcastle, and connecting into neighbouring authorities. We want to see the cycle network put on the map and will campaign for the inclusion of this in city transport policy. This way any changes to the roads, for example through new developments processes, would necessitate inclusion of appropriate (cycle) infrastructure and inclusive urban design.

The 9 spokes and 2 ring routes are the minimum network of protected cycleways. Secondary routes must also be identified. In between these routes motor through traffic must be identified and removed to create quieter and calmer neighbourhood streets, so that kids can play out and residents can enjoy life in the city. The network will also include the city centre so that cycling is made safe and convenient within the urban core.

Inclusive road safety

We will campaign for an inclusive road environment where everyone feels safe to cycle. We would like to see a transparent budget for transport and higher standards of design such as the London Cycle Design Standards implemented.

Members engagement

We will be hosting three social evenings for members this year – look out for them in the EVENTS section.

If you like what we are doing and are able to help, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch if you would like to get more involved helping with our activities.