Strategic Cycle Routes (SCRs)

In our 2016 campaign plan we proposed the 9+2 cycle network. This is where we want to see protected cycleways. Survey after survey shows that people do not like mixing with motor traffic when cycling. The answer is a network of protected cycleways along main roads to open up the option of cycling to people of all ages and abilities.


Originally only 7 SCRs were mandated in the 10-year Cycle Plan. In 2013 Newcastle won almost £6m from the DfT to kickstart the construction of a cycle network. The bid document promised construction of three short stretches going North, West and East. In 2015 DfT released another £11m towards Newcastle – but the council’s bid document was less clear what it plans to do.

In 2015 our Infrastructure Team had a look at the proposed SCRs cycle network and identified shortfalls in the its coverage, The planned housing development in the Northwest and Jesmond needed to be better integrated. This is how the 9+2 network proposal, shown above, was born.

You can see the mapped routes and discuss the SCRs on Cyclescape:
SCR 1 – Newburn
SCR 2 – West Denton
SCR 2a – Woolsington (not scouted yet)
SCR 3 – Great Park
SCR 4 – Gosforth
SCR 4a – Haddrick’s Mill (not scouted yet)
SCR 5 – Longbenton
SCR 6 – Benfield
SCR 7 – Walker
O1 – Inner ring along John Dobson, Market St, Grainger St, New Gate St, Percy St, Haymarket/Barras, St Mary’s Pl
O2 – Outer ring (conceptual, not scouted yet)

Newcastle City Council promised to create these sections of the Strategic Cycle Routes in the next two years (status summer 2013):

The ten-year plan is to create (the original) seven Strategic Cycle Routes:
SCR - Strategic Cycle Routes