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Gaps in the maps


We’ve been thinking about transport networks, and how they constantly adapt and improve as our cities change. This is a particularly poignant question as Newcastle has fairly extreme housing expansion plans, laid out in their One Core strategy: between now…
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Contraflow design controversy


You reported – we acted. Cycle contraflows, if designed inclusively and well, can be a powerful tool in a city’s cycle network. We previously reported about contraflows here. Our streets are changing throughout the city – you may have seen…
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Civic Ride 2015 – on the day


Speeches – transcripts and video Peter Macdonald – welcome  video – 00:00:30 Katja Leyendecker – Space for Cycling video – 00:01:30 Peter Macdonald, Ride Coordinator video – 00:07:00 Cllr Marion Talbot, Cycling Champion video – 00:17:00 Cllr Ged Bell, Cabinet Member video – 00:18:30 Photos in our flickr group…
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