Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Reader’s letters – Walker Strategic Cycle Route

Date: 10 February 2013 To: ncjmedia Response to Cllrs Wood and Stokel-Walker, Walker ward Response to The over-reaction by Walker Councillors could have very distressing repercussions for Newcastle and its reputation. We have to learn quickly and move on to a brighter and more enlightened future. It is a big shame that these Councillors failed to understand the concept of the Strategic Cycle Routes and what is proposed for Welbeck Road. What the Councillors also failed to see is that all our road space is very contested and that some prioritisation decisions have to be made. Walker Road is[…]

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Strategic Routes update

In an attempt to help and support, we’ve asked the council to share a bit more detail on their Strategic Cycle Routes plans. Not to remain vague with our request, we’ve therefore lobbied for a costed programme with key milestones clearly showing the different project phases, to be put together. We’ve spelled out the inherent risks of a hastily put together cycle route: bad public relations for council including the image of cycling, criticism of expending money on something that’s dangerous to use and attracting little more ridership. We fear project management expertise for such a big task at hand[…]

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Wheels in Motion

We’ve launched ‘Wheels in Motion – Seven Cycle Routes for Newcastle’. We’ve written to councillors to bring them up to speed on this crucial campaign initiative and asked for their support. As part of the annual ‘councillor survey’, the campaign also lobbied councillors to ‘make a little pledge for cycling’… here’s their big chance to bring the recently adopted ‘Cycling Manifesto’ to life. Naturally we’ve submitted our proposal to council officers and included some strategic thoughts too: our ‘Wheels in Motion’ proposal should form part of the ‘Local Sustainable Transport Fund’ bid. In addition we’ve circulated a ‘How to’ guide[…]

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