Newcastle Cycling Campaign
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Science Central West Development – Consultation reply

Did you know that Science Central, one of the¬†key flagship developments within Newcastle city centre is aiming to be an exemplary site for sustainable urban development? In our reply to their Development Framework consultation, we remind the Council of their sustainable transport policies and recommend that they revisit their proposal for another car park and create cycling infrastructure linking up with the strategic cycle network.   “Dear Planning Policy team, The document states that a primary objective of the development is to¬†“Establish Science Central as a site-wide test bed for exemplary sustainable urban development”, yet the document proposes the inclusion[…]

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Gaps in the maps

We’ve been thinking about transport networks, and how they constantly adapt and improve as our cities change. This is a particularly poignant question as Newcastle has fairly extreme housing expansion plans, laid out in their One Core strategy: between now and 2030, Newcastle City Council wants to see thousands of homes built out West, spreading over a belt of green land on 21 sites between Newburn and the airport. Just how will the transport system accommodate such an aggressive expansion? We understand that developers, the council and Highways England are clubbing together to fund a study to look at the[…]

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