Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Plenty Twenty in Newcastle

PRESS RELEASE 10.11.2012 The city prides itself in being an early adopter of the 20mph speed limit. But is Newcastle going far enough? We investigate. Talk to people in the street or pose the question at public meetings “What is Newcastle’s speed limit?” and people are surprised to hear that Newcastle is a City of Twenty. Newcastle Cycling Campaign is intrigued, and spurred on by the added cycle safety 20mph can bring, members of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign took a closer look. Katja Leyendecker of Newcastle Cycling Campaign “We hear that a staggering 90% of Newcastle’s roads has been converted[…]

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Twenty – what’s in it for us?

Yesterday Newcastle City Council said it had analysed data that showed their 20mph speed limits reduce collisions and incidents: – Chronicle – Newcastle City Council press release Without having seen the figures it’s hard to comment in detail. The feeling is however one of “well done” and “of course it would”. The conversion which took place in six phases over three years now sees “of the 3,813 streets and roads in the city – including primary routes and A and B roads – all 3,438 neighbourhood streets carry a 20 mph speed limit, representing 90% of all routes[…]

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