Newcastle Cycling Campaign

National, pinchpoints and cycling safety

Nationally cycling safety has been a real talking point over the last weeks, and may turn into a vote winner for the London mayoral election. There were numerous examples of Big Rides, Pedal on Parliaments, Select Committees and other events and initiatives, all picking up on this important subject of making cycling safer and open it up to the general public. Locally we were reminded of how vulnerable cyclists are when the Journal reported on the inquest held into the death of Rev Michael Malleson on Heaton Road in late 2011. In the hope to find out more about[…]

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Road Safety

Road safety ain’t tricky. We all know that motorised road users can cause more damage than the vulnerable ones, i.e. pedestrians and cyclists. Road safety campaigns should therefore mainly be targeted at the cause of danger. And everybody should be involved. What about bringing together cyclists and bus drivers, giving motorised drivers a chance to see the world from the view of the saddle rather than from behind the steering wheel? Same with taxi drivers, bus drivers, and other professional drivers. What about if we all signed up to a road safety charter which works for everyone? Let’s start a[…]

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Road Safety and Stricter Liability

We received a disappointing written reply from Mike Penning MP re: stricter liability and EDM 1393, attached below. Thanks goes to Catherine McKinnell MP who wrote to the minister, Norman Baker MP initially, on behalf of the campaign. We will forward the letter to the national groups concerned with road safety, to seek advice as we believe there are some inconsistencies in the letter. Meanwhile, it is still important that you write to your MP demanding fairer treatment for vulnerable road users, template [doc] below.

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