Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Cycling is good for local business and Mary Portas was wrong

Newcycling, the Newcastle Cycling Campaign has devised an info sheet to inform about the importance of walking and cycling in relation to the survival of local high streets. The info sheet is for everyone, but it is targetted at ill-informed retailers, taxi companies. It is important to get the right and relevant information out to Newcastle. Exciting plans for pro-people environments are afoot for Gosforth High Street, Acorn Road and Central Station. There is a long-held believe however, by retailers and taxi companies, that car restraint is bad for business. Research shows this not to be true. This means retailers,[…]

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What research tells us: Retailers typically overestimate the importance of the car for their customers’ shopping (see 1 and 2) >> it is important to investigate perception and reality Shoppers by bike (and foot) visit more, are more loyal to a shopping location, and spend more in the long-term (see 3, 4 and 7, 8) >> cycle-friendly environments and calmer streets help local retail Redesigning streets and spaces for people, not cars, is good for the local economy (see 5 and 6) >> people will spend more time (and money) and return more often Non-UK Mainland European countries are leading[…]

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