Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Katja reports about cycling access

Germany : access all areas This story is part of our youReport series. It is common in German towns and cities to provide widespread pedestriansation in centres. City centres in Germany seem to be alive, teeming with people, shopping or whiling their time away, enjoying the atmosphere and surroundings. It is also common to provide a fair amount of cycling access… The photos below show some examples from North Germany that I have collated over the past years. It covers Braunschweig, Wolfenbüttel, Hanover and Bremen (in no particular order). This comes highly topical at a time when we managed to[…]

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Northumberland Street report

We have obtained a report [60Mb – slow loading] from Newcastle City Council that has a thorough look at Northumberland Street, its street environment and interaction with people, how the space works (or not) as a destination. We’ve only seen it now, but the report was completed last year. Here are some of the conclusions and recommendations. There are a few quick wins to raise the project profile and engage with new partners. The most amazing bit is that the report then goes on to right-out recommend trialling bike use in Northumberland Street between 17:00 – 10:00. This is really[…]

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