Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Newcastle City Council statements

Newcastle City Council has made very positive noises about transitioning away from the private car, providing alternatives including a cycle network for decades. The primary transport policies remain the Local Plan and the LTP. Here’s what our council has promised … NewcastleGateshead’s economic and spatial strategy 1PLAN 2010 Link to document [pdf] delivering the best public transport and giving streets back to people, we will break the link between economic growth and miles travelled by private car (Page 7) N:G will become a more compact, accessible and sustainable place, much less dependent on the car. (Page 11) We want to[…]

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Newcastle Cllr Travel Survey 2010

Newcastle Cllr Travel Survey 2010 (Results) [pdf] In October 2010 the Newcastle Cycling Campaign asked Newcastle’s councillors to give a minute of their time to participate in a short and exclusive travel choice survey. The survey was unannounced. Aim of the survey was to identify – how our elected representatives travelled to a council meeting on 6 October 2010 – what thought process was undergone choosing to travel that way – to raise awareness of cycling as a mode of transport – introduce the Newcastle Cycling Campaign – provide results to councillors for discussion Quick stats Out of the 78[…]

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City centre cycling – let’s talk money

The Newcastle Cycling Campaign has analysed cycling expenditure figures that our council kindly provided to us on our request. We have shared the analysis with our council and invited their feedback but have not received any (yet). Headline Over the last five years an annual average of £0.3m has been expended (or shall we say invested) in cycling, allocated through the Local Transport Plan. To put that sum into context. A typical European annual investment in cycling would amount to £2.8m, based on a sustained annual investment of £10 per citizen. The current investment for cycling in Newcastle is 11%[…]

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