Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Statistically speaking – visualised

Newcastle is less dependent on the car than Councillors and civil servants would like you to believe. We had a look behind the scenes… at the statistics. It started with Neil Murphy putting the Census 2011 data into context for us here and Claire Prospert summarising and explaining further here. Whilst cycle to work numbers (this is the data the Census collects) are generally pitifully low compared to our European brothers and sisters who enjoy 10, 20 even 50 and 60% of bike-commute modal share, in Newcastle it’s the wards North-Northeast of the city centre that cycle more. The highest[…]

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Census 2011 – what it all means for cycling in Newcastle

At our Members Meeting in June, Neil Murphy from Beyond Green shed light on the Census 2011 data and the changes in commuting patterns between 2001 and 2011 in Newcastle. You may remember the census question “What’s your main method of travel to work?”… well, here’s the findings. First of all, we all heard about the large growth in walking and cycling. Well, let’s be wary as there is a difference. We’re starting from such a low, nearly undetectable, base that an increase from a total bike modal share of 2% to (now nearly) 3% in Newcastle is far from[…]

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