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After Blue House bungle, Patron Christian Wolmar writes to Newcastle leader Nick Forbes

Following the Blue House and Northern Access Corridor debacle Newcycling’s campaign patron the acclaimed transport journalist and writer Christian Wolmar sends on open letter to Leader of Newcastle City Council Cllr Nick Forbes: to inspire confidence at the council for the necessary transport transition ahead. Our patron explains and outlines what it feels and looks like to build worldclass cycleways looking at recent developments in London. Letter see newcycling website END

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“No!” to the whole Northern Access Corridor

This is a reaction from to Council’s announcement (html, external) that it will scrap Blue House, but not Haddrick’s Mill Katja Leyendecker, chair, says “It’s great – one thing however is very worrying. It is the concept for the Northern Access Corridor, not just the Blue House location, that is flawed. To go ahead with Haddrick’s Mill is not right. In fact it makes stopping Blue House a sham. The whole concept of the corridor as a motorway-style through-route must be assessed and discussed. We ask council to think holistically and halt Haddrick’s Mill too.” Sally Watson, newcycling[…]

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FAQs – a reply to a reply

Newcastle City Council have released a FAQ document (pdf, external link) in response to the public outburst on the Northern Access Corridor (Blue House to Haddrick’s Mill) proposals. We had a quick look and have some comments: The structure Why were these questions chosen? Are they the ones most often asked? How was that determined? Is this list of 20 questions exhaustive? The public will not be able to check so we just went with the listing the council provided. But a lingering doubt remains, which is not an excellent start to reading a document that’s supposed to instil competence[…]

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Newcastle, we have a problem – let’s tackle it together

We call on the council to act in accordance with their own policy for land use and transport planning: the Local Plan. For links and relevant excerpts see below. The Local Plan describes and defines the problem as well as gives solutions. We also include map overlays showing the scale of Newcastle City Council’s plans for Blue House in relation to well-known local sites. Katja Leyendecker, chair, says “Taking account of the Local Plan, it is to our greatest surprise that the council wants to build a motor highway slicing through the neighbourhoods of Newcastle. We ask the Cabinet[…]

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Newcastle Blue House: proven spare road capacity, green corridor and failing political system

Newcycling were taken aback by the plans for the Northern Access Corridor between Blue House to Haddricks. These are motorway-scale plans that do not belong in the heart of Newcastle. The project will damage communities and the economy. The road traffic along this corridor has actually substantially reduced, baselined against 2000, 2005, and 2010, see file attached below. Hence, the current plans make no sense. Furthermore, Newcastle needs to prioritise active travel to cement its regional status. A link to the full technical response is given below. Katja Leyendecker, chair of, says “People do not want to live on[…]

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Our Response – Blue House to Haddrick’s Mill

We have written up a detailed technical response to council’s engagement exercise on the Northern Access Corridor (section Blue House to Haddrick’s Mill) route. Our detailed response is available here   If you haven’t yet commented on all three of the council consultation pages they are available here: Blue House Jesmond Dene Road Haddrick’s Mill The consultation is open until 21st August 2016.

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