Newcastle Cycling Campaign
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Ouseburn DIY Streets – our comment

Newcycling is Newcastle’s cycling campaign. We are a constituted community group with 1,400 members, holding decision-makers to account over their policies to create conditions that enable cycling for everyone by building seven Strategic Cycle Routes into the city centre and an accompanying network of neighbourhood streets prioritising walking and cycling in the city’s transport system. We welcome the plans for the Ouseburn [PDF 12Mb]. We believe they are a first, and firm, step towards a more people-oriented environment and atmosphere in the Ouseburn. Of course, much more physical change is needed in the long-run when we have to continue, and[…]

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Our Infrastructure Safari ride through Heaton

This is a short account of our infrastructure safari through Heaton, code name: SCR6 Benfield. The concept of Strategic Cycle Routes (SCR) in Newcastle is well established and monies from the Cycling City Ambition Fund (CCAF) have been earmarked to build part of them. So, earlier on in the year we came up with a plan – we thought it would be useful to ride them and assess how much needs to be done to make them safe, convenient, direct and attractive while connecting places of interest such as schools, shops and employment centres. The SCR network is the backbone[…]

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SCR Infra Safari – SCR6 Benfield

We are cycling the Strategic Cycle Routes (SCRs). This year’s dates are listed below. All dates have been set for Saturdays, and we hope you can join us. We will meet at Civic Centre, Ceremonial Way, at 10:00am. Each tour should not take longer than three hours. Join us for all or parts of it, or meet us afterwards for a coffee. Please email us if you are coming so that we get an idea about numbers before the ride. 14 June – SCR 4 – Gosforth 12 July – SCR 1 – Newburn 9 August – SCR 6[…]

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