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Acorn Road – traffic order response

NewCycling (Newcastle Cycling Campaign) generally support the changes though we do have a few concerns that we would like to raise: We feel that the possibility of creating a vibrant street scape that increases walking and cycling in the area has been watered down significantly since the plans were first drawn up, and this has been done to provide a small number of extra car parking spaces. We are very disappointed that this has happened. It is not clear how cyclists will exit Acorn Road on to Osborne Road, and likewise it is not clear how cyclists will enter Acorn[…]

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Jesmond update

Happy New Year! 2014 saw some interesting proposals for cycle infrastructure in Jesmond. It’s not always easy interpreting council plans and process, so below is written in good faith. Acorn Road Most controversial were the plans for Acorn Road which were put forward by the council in association with Sustrans. The aim is to make Acorn Road less congested and safer and more pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists as a destination. Following an informal consultation in the spring, Sustrans put together a design which allowed for widened pavements by making the road one way while retaining most of the parking[…]

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Acorn Road consultation report

Re: Jesmond’s Acorn Road consultation report, Newcastle City Council – Newcycling, Newcastle’s cycling campaign’s view: Katja Leyendecker, chair of, says: “We welcome the public’s and project board’s decision to reduce motor dominance on Acorn Road. It’s good for people, business, residents and customers, young and old. I am delighted to see that people rallied behind the far better option of the two that were on offer. Generally though, in the future, Acorn Road should be fully pedestrianised and that could have been an ‘option for change’ in the consultation, whereas option 2 should not have been included. There is[…]

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