Our priorities 2015/16

As in previous years we will concentrate on the political and institutional barriers to building cycling into Newcastle.

We have identified four areas that need immediate attention:

1) Talking about the transport transition // creating a civic society

  • building the economic case for cycling and cycle provision
  • modal shift, and how?

links: general educational resource for councillors

2) Infrastructure – building the transport transition

  • SCR audit – using Welsh / London audit tools
  • identifying rat-runs / zoning (Jesmond, Gosforth, possibly Heaton or other/different areas?)
  • development of campaign policy and position statements, as and when

3) Councillor / decision-maker engagement

  • council policy review (particularly 1Core) to check the council’s prescribed direction and see how we can work with the council
  • creating educational and inspiring resources for ward councillors, such as articles with these topics:
    • Who are your voters?
    • Which questions should I ask the council officials (engineers and planners)?
    • Why is a diverse transport system resilient, inclusive and fair?
    • What is modal shift / mode shift?

4) Members engagement

  • organise (remaining) cycle infrastructure safaris
  • members meetings – if so, what format?
  • Space for Cycling campaign ride
  • organising talks – if yes, what speakers?

Campaign plans from previous years, including the current plan 2014/15, can be accessed by clicking here

Regular campaign activities not listed above

  • editing the newsletter
  • keeping our members list updated
  • holding committee meetings
  • attending council ‘s tech group
  • responding to traffic orders, CCAF plans and general transport scrutiny
  • speaking at events
  • issuing press releases
  • running the infrastructure team
  • etc