AGM 2018 Part 1

We held our Annual General Meeting on 25 March 2018 at the Jesmond Community Library in Newcastle. It was great to see so many people for the launch of our #city4kids manifesto including and lots of families and children who came for the first time. Many thanks to Ellie for keeping kids busy in the arts and craft room! Here is an account of the formal business of the AGM for those who couldn’t make it. 

Claire Prospert, co-founder of NewCycling and Secretary, presented the annual report of activities. Before the winter, we worked with Richard Grassick from Moving Films to produce a video about NewCycling, our journey of the last seven years, our experience about campaigning and why we are campaigning. We felt it was important to tell our story as a group, wanting to change how our roads are designed and how our urban space is used. `Our infra team responded to the Streets for people consultation and continued to articulate our approach to networking. We launched the City4kids campaign, not just because Scott and Nicky were having a baby, and asked for stories and evidence about how it’s like to cycle and walk as a family with children. We got inspired by the Kidical mass ride organised last July by a group of parents from Heaton and Jesmond. A big thank you to our corporate sponsors: Apex Acoustics, the Cycle Hub and Saddle Skeddadle, committee members for all the work they do for the Campaign, and our members. Their messages, support and donations mean a lot.

AGM pictures – Credit Scott Dawson

John Watson, NewCycling’s Treasurer, presented last year’s account which showed a healthy balance of £3,679.69 at the end of our financial year on 12 March 2018. In terms of outgoings (total: £1,580.75), we purchased two copies of the CROW Manual, the Dutch guide for designing cycling infrastructure. We also covered the travelling costs of Richard Grassick who made the new video about NewCycling. With regards to income, we are grateful for all the donations made this year, a total of £1,378. We now have 10 direct debits which provides us with a degree of visibility and financial security and allows us to plan ahead. We also had a healthy level of corporate membership renewals. Finally, we received a grant from Waitrose Community Giving.

We then agreed the members of the Management Committee for 2018-19 and who seconded them:

  • Scott Dawson – seconded by Tony Waterson
  • Roderick Joyce – seconded by Tim Dawson
  • Katja Leyendecker – seconded by Alistair Ford
  • Claire Prospert – seconded by Julie Hall
  • Sally Watson – seconded by James Stanton
  • John Watson – seconded by Mark Nelson

As usual, the constituted posts and other roles will be agreed at the first Committee meeting of the new campaign year, which is scheduled for 23 April 2018