Launched at AGM – city4kids manifesto

Background: the city4kids manifesto was launched at the AGM on the 25 March 2018. It will form the cornerstone to our campaigning activities over the next year. A pdf version can be found here: city4kids_manifesto. Watch out in the coming weeks for further information, action items and more. If you would like to support the city4kids manifesto do get in touch to discuss your involvement and collaboration. We are especially interested, of course, in working with Newcastle Councillors and fellow civic society groups.

city4kids manifesto

So that children and parents can travel in safety and comfort

Newcastle Council policy highlights the problem of young families leaving the city. To stop this flight, we must see decisive action. How can we, together, create a city that parents and children choose to live, grow up and thrive in? Currently our roads are polluting, fast and hostile. Newcastle’s transport system must diversify and offer alternatives to the private car. For kids to travel independently we must build cycleways and design neighbourhoods to live and play. This is what people want1.

Many have told us that cycling with children feels dangerous and often attracts harassment. This situation must be changed. People who are trying to do the right thing should be rewarded.


We ask officials to take action. It is the Council that holds the power to transform our built environment.  We want our Councillors to

  • form a city4kids design & implementation group, to ensure rigour in process, through Health / Equality Impact Assessments, a scrutiny/select committee and reviewing the highway appraisal procedure
  • appoint an urban design expert to instruct and oversee implementation, and guide and advise the council on matters of community and collaboration
  • seek support from, and work actively with, civic society groups
  • make sure council engineers and planners deliver child-friendly designs


We do this for our kids, for Newcastle’s bright future.


1 Newcastle bikelife report, and general segmentation studies for example Anable