City4Kids – Newcastle’s future

Newcastle Council are worried about families and young people leaving our city and with good reason too (see quotes from the Local Plan at end of this article). To address this problem, Newcastle needs to put younger generations at the heart of future plans. We believe that politics in Newcastle must change. Our politicians must start thinking about young families, and start talking about what the city should offer to our young people. This is our City4Kids initiative.

What is it like to grow up in Newcastle as a young person? What is it like to bring up children here? Over the coming months we will seek answers to these questions. Furthermore, we will be asking for your involvement too. As part of the City4Kids initiative, we would like to share your stories with a wider audience. What is it like cycling with children in Newcastle? What needs to change so that more people can cycle with kids and more often?

We are planning to compile the evidence, data and stories into an election manifesto. Next year there will be an all-out election in Newcastle. All councillor positions are up for grabs, meaning that there is an opportunity for a fresh start. We want to raise councillors’ awareness of the issues faced by families who want a liveable city with a safe and comfortable environment for their kids. Transport is a social justice issue and children are one of the groups who suffer most from car-dominated streets. Building cycleways is a key way to address this urban challenge.

Newcycling recently supported the Kidical Mass bike ride to showcase the sheer vibrancy and joyous presence of cycling families – see more here including some amazing photos. Some of us have been to the Netherlands and witnessed the amazing school run scenes – everyone cycling, comfortably, on designated cycle tracks. The Campaign also previously introduced you to cycling with children in these articles

Online resources: children’s urban freedom and mobility

Quotes from Local Plan

  • Nick Forbes: We start from a situation in which young families are already struggling to find a home they can afford in a community they want to live. [page 9]
  • We are losing families and employed people to other districts. [page 29]
  • The Plan aims to retain and attract families to support economic growth. [page 76]