Newcastle Cycling Campaign

‘Near misses: The fundamental issue is not drivers, but road design’ says NewCycling

Evening Chronicle (19 August 2017) – The Co-chair of NewCycling, Katja Leyendecker explains that near misses and ‘close shaves’ experienced by cyclists on a daily basis are not all down to drivers’ bad behaviour, it’s the road design and the built environment that is to blame.

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Our patron Christian Wolmar on transport cycling and politics

Since 2014 Christian has been our Campaign’s patron. Last year, as part of his role, he wrote to Cllr Nick Forbes to inform Newcastle Labour leadership about the possibilities and mechanisms of change, citing the example of London. We are grateful for Christian’s continued help and activism. The following article originally appeared on Christian Wolmar: We know it makes sense — cycling must become a key part of Labour’s thinking and transport policy One of areas where the Labour manifesto needs improvement is transport. It is rarely a frontline area at election time, and although the nationalisation of the[…]

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Women and cycling – what is it to celebrate?

Cycling UK is celebrating a broad range of women in cycling – in this article, Claire, Newcycling’s co-founder and Secretary explains how it exemplifies the conflicting aims of Cycling UK. “I feel very touched to feature in the 100 Women in Cycling, year 2017. And I’m indeed very thankful for the nomination and for Cycling UK to accept it. I’d like to reflect on this recognition and what it means to me. As a woman and as a campaigner, not a “cyclist”. It is hard to explain that even though I cycle everyday, I spend time campaigning for more and[…]

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