Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Introducing the campaign to the new cabinet councillor

Dear Cllr Ainsley Congratulations on your appointment to cabinet from all of the newcycling committee. In advance of meeting with you in person, we would like to take the opportunity to share some information about the campaign and its membership. Newcycling is a constituted community group, formed in 2010 and has over 1,600 registered members. We lobby, campaign and inform Newcastle decision makers to include cycling infrastructure in their city plans for our sustainable future. Research is clear, including cycleways grows a better local economy, improves public health and makes Newcastle a more attractive place to live and work. You[…]

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Our response to Newcastle City Council’s delivery plan

We value this honest and critical assessment, but do not recognise the strong solutions that the assessment requires in order to improve Newcastle’s future. We must point the council, again, to the messages from Philippe Crist OECD, highlighting the link between a liveable city and good quality jobs. In order to get businesses thriving and a productive and satisfied workforce, our city’s spaces have to be adapted to solutions of the 21st Century. Citizens must be equitably able to access the places of commerce, civic care and leisure. Given the constraints in natural resources and increasing climate chaos, the human[…]

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Can you help Tom?

This is a guest blog by Tom Maskell, a PhD student in Digital Civics at Newcastle University. Tom’s research looks at how technology can help cyclists collect data and make the case for better conditions for cycling. There is an appeal for participants to take part in a trial of our technology, Spokespeople, at the end of the article.  Make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the reading! I was well into my twenties before I bought a bike that wasn’t a bmx. I only bought it because one evening in the pub a friend and I decided it[…]

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