Newcastle Cycling Campaign

AGM 2017: Our Network Workshop

The Task As part of the AGM we held a workshop looking at the cycle network in and around the Streets for People areas. Urban Movement, Phil Jones and Associates and Newcastle City Council provided us with maps covering the three areas Jesmond, Fenham, and Heaton and Ouseburn. The map below outlines the areas being covered. The maps provided indicated a routes that started to demonstrate a potential cycle network. The map for Fenham provided different types of routes (this map can be viewed here(.pdf)) and the other maps showed the routes with no differentiation between them. The routes from all the maps[…]

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Thank you, Chi!

It was truly wonderful to welcome Chi Onwurah MP to our AGM. Since I was away for the AGM (and still am now), I nonetheless could enjoy reading her speech online here. After Claire cordially introduced Chi to the audience, our Newcastle’s Central MP took to the stage with much gusto. She was warm and genuine, her style engaging and she was really convivial and open in her address to the AGM audience. Chi outlined vividly the problems that exist in our city. She even seemed to understand them intimately, perhaps linked to recently taking up cycling herself after some[…]

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Chi Onwurah MP’s speech at Newcycling’s 2017 AGM

  “Thank you for the introduction and sorry I was late, delays on the metro, at Jarrow. On Thursday, the day before yesterday, I asked the Undersecretary of State for Transport, I said to him on Saturday I’m going to speak at the Newcastle Cycling Campaign Annual General Meeting, what can I tell the people there about what the government are doing to bring the benefits of cycling to everyone when studies show that the average cyclist is male, white, middle class, under 40, and clad in lycra. Andrew Jones replied “The honourable lady is absolutely right, cycling needs to[…]

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