NEXUS consultation on new metrocar fleet design – our reply

Newcycling has replied to Nexus consultation on the new Metrocar fleet design.  Individuals can reply online up until the 2 December 2016 – your chance to also ask for a 21st Century design which meets future needs and allows normal bikes on metro:

“Dear Tobyn
We are delighted to note the consultation for design of the new metro cars. We welcome this. However the online form is not really suitable for use of interest groups, due to the many personal preference questions in the survey. Hence us writing this email to you, I hope you don’t mind. Please could you pass our comment to the relevant place so it gets heard and recorded properly? We reply, as usual, on behalf of our membership (1,600 members).
Our response to the design: 
We would, as expressed before, favour a flexible layout
One that can be adjusted to apportion the seats versus the storage space for bikes and mobility aids buggies and luggage over the lifespan of the carriages. It would be good if it could be considered that parents may be cycling with their children and that the parental responsibility is catered for by allowing more than one bike in each cycle storage space.
On a day-to-day flexibility, flip-down seats seem like a good way forward to give multiple use although it would have to be clear who has preference over the space. We are keen to see our next generation grow up well and healthy, and would hope to see equal consideration given to people who travel with children on cycles and those with children in buggies. 
We offer to contribute to the debate.
Overall, it would be good to learn from cities with an urban light rail system that allows cycles on to catapult Metro into the 21st century.
Could you please confirm receipt?
Best wishes
Katja, on behalf of Committee

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