WANTED – Leadership for Transport Transition

Dear Pat

We have written three letters to you over the last few months (see below for links), and you replied that you would not want to meet with us in person. But we won’t give up that easily. Serious attention needs to be given to designing cycling into our city. Our chair, Katja, invites you to cycle around the city with her so that you can see with your own eyes how urgent this is. Please get in touch so that we can make a date.

For now, here are some documents which we highly recommend you read. These three reports reiterate, support and strengthen what’s been said in our previous letters to you, in case you were doubtful of our competence or motivation.

Fairness in a car-dependent society [pdf 2.0 Mb] by SDC 2011, 78 pages

War on Motoring – a myth or reality? [pdf 1.0 Mb] by IPPR 2012, 33 pages

Transport and the economy – the myths and the facts [pdf 2.5 Mb] by T&E 2001, 28 pages

In Newcastle we still have a chance. With 42% households having no car and cycling numbers rising, now is the time to prioritise cycling over driving, and value people before cars. Going on a citywide road diet and setting aside space for walking and cycling is the necessary course of action, so we can see inclusive-cycling scenes in our own city like the one shown in the photo below. If you would disagree with any of this, we could point you towards the city’s transport policies in the very first instance – and invite you to talk to us and our partners.

We ask for your leadership and resolve on transport matters to prioritise sustainable transport as mandated and clearly laid out in city policy. We look forward to hearing from you, and arrange a date for a city exploration.

Kind regards

Committee newcycling.org

Three letters

  1. First letter Working together for a successful outcome requires accountability
  2. Second letter What is the price we pay for our transport system?
  3. Third letter Governing the transport transition
Infrastructure enabling cycling safely with kids. Source CEoGB.