Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Our campaign – 5 years in 15 minutes

Claire Prospert, our Secretary and co-founder, was invited to speak at the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences. You can listen to her enlightening talk summarising 5-years of campaigning in 15 minutes here (whereas the full day including other talks by speakers from academia and activism is documented here). Claire reminded us that we are a young and fresh campaign, only five years old, and that we have always kept a good campaigning focus on improving urban design and road engineering. She finishes on four thoughts for the future. Listen to Claire’s talk here Our Secretary says “We put cycling on the political agenda”. We articulated a case for cycling infrastructure like[…]

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ESRC Academia & Advocacy debate

Presentations Rachel Aldred keynote no slides || recording Geoff Vigar “Where are we at in academia with cycling. What do we know?” slides || recording Kevin Hickman “What does designing for inclusive cycling mean?” slides || recording Christian Wolmar Intro to afternnoon session no slides || recording Sally Hinchcliffe “How cycle bloggers shifted mountains” slides || recording || transcript via CEoGB Rachel Aldred “Gaps in research and evidence – what don’t we know?” no slides || recording Claire Prospert “newcycling – a focussed campaign” slides || recording Storify including (grainy) photos (thanks to Jitensha Oni for collating) here Event photos. If you have any event photos, please let us know. Access to research. Laura J. Wilkinson created this document[…]

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What is the price we pay for our transport system?

Following our letter to Pat Ritchie about budget transparency and accountability for council’s transport function, we would like to continue talking to the chief executive about the transport transition and the cost of the current system. We feel this is the best way to ask for her leadership on this vitally important matter. As we have received no reply from Pat Ritchie to our last letter, we will simply continue outlining the current and future needs of the transport transition. Climate change Transport typically accounts for 25-30% of all emissions. We have no reason to believe this to be any different in Newcastle. We[…]

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City Centre North Engagement – Our Reply

Our reply to the council for the engagement being carried out for the North of the City Centre. The councils website for the engagement: Our Reply As the City Centre North proposals cover a number of different schemes, we will provide feedback on the overall aims of the plans for the City Centre North proposals, followed by more detailed feedback on each of the schemes. As the schemes are currently going through engagement, this is not an endorsement of the schemes, but comments that we hope will be useful to the council in developing the schemes further. Our comments[…]

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Newcastle hosts first national debate of cycling academia and advocacy

As part of the ESRC Festival, Northumbria University and organise a day of researchers and campaigners to collaborate for the common good on national and local transport cycling agendas. Katja Leyendecker, chair of newcycling says “The event brings together thinkers and doers on transport cycling matters – for an event which is the first of its kind in the UK I believe. We have an impressive lineup with Christian Wolmar and Dr Rachel Aldred, and many many others, perhaps less prominent and visible, but equally influential actors in their own rights.” Christian Wolmar, patron of, says “I have got my train tickets[…]

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