‘Traffic lights are so dictatorial’ … but are roundabouts on the way out?

The Guardian (19/10/2015) – http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2015/oct/19/traffic-lights-roundabouts-way-out

The article looks at two differing perspectives from the UK and the USA, largely focussing on vehicle traffic flow.  The dangers of roundabouts to pedestrians and cyclists is acknowledged.  Our Chair emphasises the point of implementing safer designs:

In Newcastle, the double-roundabout at Haddricks Mill in South Gosforth has achieved notoriety among cyclists for its blind spots, narrow lanes and confusing road markings, as well as the speed and volume of cars, trucks and buses that pass through. Local cycling campaigner Kat Leyendecker calls it “the Mincer”: the site of 14 crashes, with 21 people injured, in the last five years.

These terrifying twin roundabouts are the reason my parents stopped driving to visit us years ago. I don’t attempt to cross on my bicycle. But the council’s proposals to remove them don’t go far enough, argues Leyendecker, who says the council should follow the Dutch approach: separating and protecting space for cyclists in roundabouts.

Typically, Dutch-style roundabouts have a tighter turning radius, which reduces vehicle speeds, and an outside, segregated cycle lane around the circumference.