Cllr Ged Bell – quotes

Added 21 October from Bikelife report: “Enabling Newcastle to be the best place it can be, with everyone having access to opportunities, is central to our ongoing success. We want parents and carers to feel safe letting their kids bike to school, and older people to feel able and confident enough to get about on two wheels. By designing space that works for young and old, we are ensuring it works for everyone.”


Space for Cycling ride, 25 April 2015, Newcastle

“I love cycling, I always have done and I will continue to love cycling. What we need to do is to put the infrastructure in place for a modern city.”
“A modern city includes cycling, a modern city that includes access to the city for all.”

“What the Council is trying to do is to make sure that the infrastructure is put in place.”

“John Dobson Street is probably the biggest change that you will have seen in a generation of this kind.”

“I’m really looking forward to the first time to be able to cycle up and down John Dobson Street safely and able to just participate in my life within the city centre.”

“John Dobson Street is a massive change and that’s just a start. Our strategic routes are taking us out into the suburbs.”
“Our strategic [cycle] routes are starting to link the suburbs with the city centre.”

“Commuting to work, to school is going to be easier in the future, and safer.”

“We need to do this together so please let’s all get stuck in and do this together.”