Our Reply – Hyde Terrace TRO

Regarding: H&LS/TM/SG/H268 – Hyde Terrace TRO

We do not feel that the planned changes for Hyde Terrace we achieve the intended result. There are no physical measure that will prevent drivers taking a right turn on Christon Road or that will stop drivers using Hyde Terrace as a rat run. Even with physical measures or permanent enforcement, drivers would just turn left before turning their vehicle around to achieve the same end result.

We have been made aware of previous requests including a petition to close this junction to through motor traffic. We feel that closing this junction to motor traffic is the only sustainable option for removing rat running through traffic from the street.
It for this reason that we object to the design presented, as we feel the solution presented will not resolve the problem. Instead we ask that the council re-design this junction to resolve the problem that has been stated, to achieve this we suggest closing the junction completely to motor traffic, while still allowing through access to cycles and pedestrians.
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