Our Reply – Elswick Road

Re: TS/ML/E91 – Elswick Road Strategic Cycle Route

As a constituted community group with 1,600 local members we respond on their behalf to the plans for Elswick Road SCR.

In general we support the plans presented for Elswick Road. Though we do have some points and questions on the design:

There is one a bus stop on the plan (North side of the road, near Park Close) where the cycling bypass shown uses shared space (cyclists and pedestrians), rather than the more preferable cycle bypass with clearly separated space. The positioning of the bus stop also seems as though it is a position where property walls line the edge of the footpath, this will significantly reduce the usable space within the shared space area. We ask the council to reconsider the placement of this bus stop as we feel there is space nearby where the bus stop could be located to provide room for the more preferable bus stop bypass option, allowing the cycle lane to separated from pedestrian space and where there would not be a wall so close that it creates an obstacle to cyclists.
At the signalised junctions, the plan shows that cycling along the strategic route cyclists will get there own traffic signals, this is a good design for keeping cycle movements separated from motor traffic movements. It is a shame that this has not been provided on the other entrances to these junctions. We ask the council to provide this arrangement in all directions at these junctions, this would make the design more uniform and easier to understand. As these junctions are places where people could be joining the strategic route, it would also make the entry into the route safer. Also, if all directions of the junction have separate cycle traffic lights, would it be possible to allow a simultaneous green for all directions of cycle traffic?

In addition to our request to provide separate cycle traffic lights in each direction at these junctions, we ask that the stop line is positioned so that cycling left turns are possible before reaching the junction stop line, so that left turning cyclists do not have to stop and wait at the junction (similar to what has recently been shown on the John Dobson Street designs at the junction with Durant Road).

Across the Westgate Road junction the painted cycle lane has a arduous swerve to it when Heading West, we ask the council to paint a more direct cycle lane that is along the direct line a cycle user would likely take across the junction.

We see the use of “orca” separators as a short term solution of providing a level of separation to cycle users from motor traffic. We ask that in the long term the use of these separators is reviewed and that the type of separation is upgraded to provide fully separated cycle lanes.

If you have any questions about any of the points or question raised please let us know.

Thank you


Documents to which this reply refers:

Elswick Rd – Strategic Cycle Route – TRO letter
Elswick Rd – Strategic Cycle Route – TRO site plan