Newcastle council road plan kicks cycling out voices their concerns about council road plans. They call the plans a complete throw-back to the 1960’s of highway horrors. Cycling and walking is simply forgotten at the Haddricks Mill redesign by the council and their consultant WSP.

The plan can be seen below.

Katja Leyendecker, chair, says “It appears that Newcastle City Council have received go-ahead from Department of Transport to tear up an innercity roundabout and widen it to push more traffic through – all this is done in theoretical calculations and mathematical modelling terms, which do not account for transport transitions or mode shift. In practice that means pavement space is disappearing and space for cycling is completely forgotten about. This motor-mania plan comes in a city that continually pledges to support cycling and walking, and put the car into its rightful place for short journeys: unused.

“So, apart from talking about the transport transition and cycling’s contribution, very little is actually happening. Yes, there are works on John Dobson Street works which we principally support, however the scale of what’s planned for Haddricks Mill is a shocking throw-back to the 60s. Ploughing through green space. Losing pavement connectivity. Leaving cycling out. These are horrible highways that the council plans show – you would think we had learnt, and there’s no place for this sort of thing in a 21st Century city.

“Our patience is really starting to wear thin. Maybe the Haddricks Mill plans are just a rectifiable mistake by the council and WSP? Who knows. As we are a community group with knowledgeable volunteers – in good old cooperative fashion – we will be formulating a plan to show off alternatives, and submit it to the council. Maybe they can learn from it.”

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Excluding and insensitive Newcastle City Council design for Haddrick Mill. It’s just about motor movements, that’s all. Cycling and walking? Forget it! (Page 72 in Northern Access Corridor Part 2/2)