Cllr Nick Forbes – quotes




Love Cycling Go Dutch conference, 5 November 2013, Newcastle

“Cycling isn’t just a physical activity. Cycling is integral to how we seek to transform the city for the future.”

“We are seeking to transform our city. And cycling can be an absolute integral to our vision of that.”

“It’s a job to transform the physical infrastructure, physical areas around the city, but I think cycling also transforms the city in a social realm as well.”

“We know full well of the health benefits of people cycling on a more regular basis. We as a local authority now have direct responsibility as Directors of Public Health, services and resources, in the city.”

“It’s also I think a social price for greater connectivity that cycling can bring. To be frank, car drivers are pretty insulated from the world around them.”

“Cycling can be one of the ways in which we change the way people see their physical environment and social context that they are travelling within.”

“We know we have succeeded when in the UK, in Newcastle, we are able to start a conversation about cycling in the same way you start a conversation at home about football or the weather.”

“We know we have a strong active cycling community which is very supportive of what we are trying to achieve here.”

“This conference and its workshop yesterday are first steps in forging that culture of practitioners right across Europe and the UK for designing streets for cycling.”

“The most important thing of all is to recognise and celebrate the fact that we have the desire, the commitment and now the resources to succeed in transforming cycling for Newcastle for generations to come.”

Space for Cycling ride, 27 September 2014, Newcastle

“When you look at every other major European city we have more space for pedestrians and cyclists and free-flowing space in the city centres than we do here in Newcastle.”

“We challenge the orthodoxy that the car is king. Now, that’s not easy. That’s not easy because as this unpicks not just the cultural assumptions but also much of the physical space that we see round about the city”

“Developing major strategic routes and over time starting to connect up the different bits of cycling infrastructure that we have already got. So it makes a coherent whole.”

“One of the things that puts me off cycling more is that I find it really difficult. I live in the east end of the city and work in the west end, I hit a barrier when I get to the city centre.”

“Cycling is really difficult because suddenly you find yourself in conflict with all sorts of traffic, all sorts of lanes which disappear and then reappear again and so on.”

“Our challenge and our task is to gradually redesign our city. And to do that we have got the principles that we adopted at Council which will help us to do that.”

“And I am really proud that Newcastle is the local authority with the highest number of Councillors signed up in the county. And it’s cross-party. It includes people from both the main political parties in Newcastle.”

“As we get the money to redo our roads and pavements and redesign our physical space, we make sure that cycling is absolutely integral to the vision we want to see for this city.”

Letter to, 16 March 2015, Newcastle

“The work you put in as volunteers at the heart of a membership organisation that represents over a thousand people is hugely important.”

“I want to acknowledge the impact the campaign has made since your formation in 2010 and to wish you continued success in the coming years.”

“I believe your members want to see changes that we are keen to implement, I also think you understand how hard this can be and your support, and challenge, has been hugely important.”

“The design of our city’s infrastructure and the subsequent travel choices people make to best use it, has a fundamental impact on the health and wellbeing of the city and its people.”

“Our transport planning department are forging much improved links with our public health department. Only by working across departments can we achieve a true transformation of the city.”

“I believe we need to communicate better the impact of our highways and public spaces on people’s health and wellbeing.”

“The current proposed improvements for John Dobson Street will act as a focus for a showcase strategic cycle route as part of the Great North Cycle Way.”

“We are one of the seven Cycle Cities that have secured funding for improvements to cycling infrastructure from the Cycle City Ambition programme to deliver a step change to enable cycling to be an easy choice for all.”

“The transport team are examining the reclassification of our highways network and I will ask them how the principles of Sustainable Safety and neighbourhood zoning could be embedded within it.”