Our call to the newly elected Newcastle Councillors

We have written to these newly elected Newcastle Councillors, see bottom of the article, and ask them to support Space for Cycling:

  • Cllr Brian Hunter, Castle
  • Cllr Melissa Davis, Denton
  • Cllr Ian Tokell, Fenham
  • Cllr Kim McGuinness, Lemington
  • Cllr Mick Bowman, North Heaton
  • Cllr Dan Perry, North Jesmond
  • Cllr Kerry Allibhai, South Jesmond
  • Cllr Pat Hillicks, Westerhope

Do you live in one of these wards? If so please write to your new Councillor and ask them to support Space for Cycling too, using the letter below as template. And let us know about the outcome. As always consider copying the campaign in contact@newcycling.org to keep in touch.

Every email counts. Just a handful of email to one Councillor can make a difference.

Space for Cycling Ride, March 2014 – Photo credit: Shannon Robalino

Dear Councillor

Congratulations on being elected!  We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and an important initiative called ‘Space for Cycling’ to you.

Why are cycleways needed?

Our city is developing and everyone is working hard to ensure a greener and fairer future. Transport contributes to nearly a third of the city’s carbon emissions. Obesity levels are high. Communities often feels disengaged and cut off. It is very clear that with big problems like climate change and public health endemics breathing down our necks, a provision of sustainable transport choices is a key element to ensure Newcastle’s future – part of that solution is designing our city so people of all ages and abilities can cycle in comfort and with convenience. Please do get in touch if you would like more information, data or evidence.

What is Space for Cycling?

You may have heard of NewCycling, Newcastle’s Cycling Campaign set up in 2010. We are here to help Newcastle’s transport transition and speak out for the future of cycling for all people of all ages and abilities. Together with our 1,600 local members, some of them Councillors, we ask for protected cycleways on main roads and for Newcastle to adopt Dutch principles for road safety to make sure neighbourhoods and communities are safe to walk and cycle.

Today we’re also writing to you about of the nation-wide Space for Cycling initiative which we promote locally, and we would like to ask you to support it too. Space for Cycling asks for Councillors to engage with transport issues and to understand better what’s needed to make cycling for everyone a reality. You can read more about the Space for Cycling initiative at https://newcycling.org/s4c/

How can you support a better transport future?

The majority of Newcastle Councillors already supports Space for Cycling and you can add your name to it by simply replying to this email.

Find out how other ways you can help here or just contact us.

Many thanks

Claire Prospert & Peter Macdonald