Caring designs are not always sharing

You reported – we acted.

An observant and concerned Campaign member sent us a couple of photos and was asking – what’s happening here then? The honest answer is – we really don’t know and we would love to find out!

After some considerable radio silence, Newcastle City Council have now started the Gosforth Strategic Cycle Route (SCR4) works North of Regent Centre. Spade in the ground time, cards on the table so to speak. But council forgot to share their Detailed Design drawings! All we had seen through the official process (traffic orders and technical group) was – what’s probably best described as – Conceptual Design drawings. Yet the proverbial devil is often in the detail. At the time, we weren’t all that enamoured by the level of detail that was provided. So we requested to be intricately involved once council was ready to progress with more detail.

Apart from the two locations shown below, there are many more details to be considered on that stretch – a route to schools. We can only hope that council will talk to us about them all and that it’s not too late. We have ideas; we have partners like the CEoGB; we can source information and feedback, and we want council to get this right.

So, what we currently see is unfinished work – work in progress. We have no idea what council’s final plans are. That did not keep us from taking the liberty to finish the design for the council, virtually, see below.

Et voila. That’s how the finished product will look, right?


Photos / montages

Figure 1 – UPPER: bus stop bypass current as of Friday 22 May 2015, LOWER: our suggestion for delineation and space clarity



Figure 2 – UPPER: current as of Friday 22 May 2015, MIDDLE: our suggestion for space clarity and cycle continuity, LOWER: if there should be a problem with pedestrian conflict a zebra could be considered