John Dobson Street TRO

To John Dobson Street design team

Following the comments we made during the recent public engagement phase, we are happy to see the scheme still in tact at the traffic order stage.

When we last commented on the scheme we made a specific point about the cycle roundabout at the junction with Northumberland Road being of an unnecessarily complex layout for cycling – we are glad to see that this junction has been simplified.

We do however have questions we would like to ask at this stage.

1) On the junction with Northumberland Road, on the West side the movements expected for cyclists seems rather convoluted at the moment, we ask if the arrangement here is looked in to in further detail and possibly simplified further. The proposed design was perhaps created mainly for the previous roundabout. This design also creates a potential issue where the westbound cyclist meets the give-way markings. We are happy to discuss any potential solutions to this design here.

2) The design at St Mary’s Place no longer looks as good as it did in the previous design. Can you confirm if the design has changed here. If so could you please explain the changes and decisions behind them?


Even with these points we still believe this is a great scheme that will improve the public realm in Newcastle City Centre and therefore on behalf of our members (over 1,500) we are happy to support the council on this scheme.

We look forward to a swift implementation of this scheme and would like to be kept informed on progress of this exciting project.

Thank you,
Scott Dawson – NewCycling Infrastructure Lead