Benwell Lane TRO

In general we support the council with the proposed changes as they will create an improvement for cycling along this section of road.

We do have some cycle safety concerns from the design which have previously been discussed with the council, these are:

  • The stretches where cycle lanes are provided on the right hand side (with traffic flow) of parked cars instead of being protected on the left hand side.
  • Where the bus stop/cycle infrastructure is not as good as it could be (e.g. by Prince Philip Road, a shared space bus stop has been provided, but space would allow for a full bypass if parking was reduced on the opposite side of the road).

We ask that following implementation of the scheme, that use is monitored, including observation of user behaviour and user feedback is collected, so that future improvements can be identified and implemented if locations are found to be be problematic.

Thank you,
Scott Dawson – NewCycling Infrastructure Lead

Plans we are commenting on: Benwell Lane -TRO Consultation Plan [pdf]